Pleasure boat with sail or / and motor, a yacht fascinates the amateurs and lovers of boats. It can have several living areas and also spaces for leisure. Synonymous with luxury and grandeur, a yacht can have several sizes. It makes sense to first find out whether a yacht requires a minimum size and then to master the equipment of a yacht over 30 metres in length.

A yacht: the minimum required size

Whether motor or sailing, a yacht always makes you dream with the luxurious idea it contains. It has a streamlined fairing, a rear deck decorated with leather chairs, and not to mention the engine to start the adventures. You will notice a yacht by its powerful engine. This is the image anchored in many minds in many ports along the Mediterranean Sea. The design of a yacht is a dream along a coastal port. And the fact is that the very expression of this boat for builders depends on its size on the water. For example, you will notice in their catalogues yachts of less than 20 metres. But since a yacht fascinates by its size, it is now time to see the equipment of a yacht over 30 metres.

A yacht over 30 metres: a luxurious layout

The equipment of a yacht over 30 meters is surely synonymous with luxury. In fact, everything has been calculated down to the smallest detail to give the owner the feeling of owning a boat that is unique in the world. The omnipresence of luxury can be felt in the wonderfully selected furniture. In addition to the subtlety of the light on board, the finishes of each piece of furniture offer a supremacy of quality. The architectural design of a 30-metre yacht is often the result of the hard work of experts. For example, ingenious ideas such as well-placed bulkheads between the breakfast areas give even more space in this immense luxury yacht.

Equipping a yacht over 30 metres: an idea of grandeur

In the equipment of a yacht of more than 30 metres, everything has been calculated to give absolute visual pleasure. Equipped with a raised steering position, a yacht is very pleasant to sail. Life on board is also very much appreciated thanks to the many details that make the difference. In addition to the spacious rooms with their modern decor, a yacht over 30 metres in length surprises with its impressive lounges and kitchens. The manual finishes of the shipyard's designers offer Jacuzzi, barbecue and sunbathing areas in the boat. The decoration of the adjoining bathrooms combines both the fabulous experience and the joy of sailing aboard a yacht of more than 30 meters.