Yacht charter


Can you rent a mega yacht in Spain?

Are you wondering whether you can rent a mega yacht in Spain? Yes, it’s possible to boat rental Spain. In this post, we will look at how you can yacht charter and the process of boat rental in Spain; for…

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What permits and insurance for a yacht charter?

You want to go with your family, your lover or your friends and take a little trip at sea. Then you have decided to rent a yacht. However, you don’t know whether you need a licence and insurance to rent…

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What is the budget of a yacht charter?

Taking advantage of an increase in demand for cruising, luxury yachts have been gaining momentum for some time. Being a luxury boat, wealthy people rent it for sea trips. Like cars, each boat has its own make and price. So…

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The use of a jet-ski during yacht charter

A broad democratisation in the holiday mode for private individuals has been made possible by charter or also the growing dynamism of the yacht charter sector. Thus, this idyllic form of tourism is chosen by many new yachtsmen. A large…

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Choosing the type of yacht that suits your needs

According to the definition of the French Yacht Club, “a yacht is considered to be any deck or semi-deck boat, sailing or steam-powered, exclusively and permanently used for pleasure boating and suitable for maritime navigation”. But it is also necessary…

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A navigation to be enjoyed by renting a yacht with a skipper

How about a nice boat trip with a professional skipper? You can do this during your holidays, there is no shortage of destinations whether you choose the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. A family cruise aboard a yacht is a great…

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Expenses to be expected during yacht cruises

A trip is always exhilarating. Especially on a yacht, the experience becomes more and more exciting. While some people prefer to travel by car, many have a preference for sea trips. However, this kind of vacation with family or friends…

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How to choose the yacht best suited to your needs?

The yacht is a very useful vessel to spend some relaxing moments at sea. The particularity of this pleasure boat comes above all from the comfort it can bring to the people on board. A yacht can be configured in…

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