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Hostess on luxury yachts: a dream job?

Having a professional occupation is an essential need for every individual. However, in order to be able to derive full satisfaction from one’s activities, it is necessary to choose the right occupation. Working as a hostess on luxury yachts is…

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Yachts over 30 metres: luxury and comfort on board

Pleasure boat with sail or / and motor, a yacht fascinates the amateurs and lovers of boats. It can have several living areas and also spaces for leisure. Synonymous with luxury and grandeur, a yacht can have several sizes. It…

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The equipment of the less than 20 metres long yacht

The yacht is the favorite pleasure boat of billionaires. It stands out for its luxury, comfort and power. Currently, there are two types of yacht, depending on their size: yachts under 20 m and those over 20 m (mostly reserved…

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The yacht: is there a minimum size?

Luxury yachts are luxurious boats, those with a majestic look. Available in several models, they attract more and more enthusiasts every year. During the summer, they particularly attract the attention of tourists, especially when they are displayed on the pontoons…

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