What permits and insurance for a yacht charter?

You want to go with your family, your lover or your friends and take a little trip at sea. Then you have decided to rent a yacht. However, you don't know whether you need a licence and insurance to rent a yacht. What licences and insurance are then necessary to rent a yacht. To help you, here are some solutions.

Why rent a yacht?

There are many reasons why you may want to charter a yacht. Indeed, renting a yacht is the best way to discover anywhere in the world. In addition, when you travel on a yacht, you can have fun with a lot of nautical equipment such as Jet Ski, Jetlev or kitesurfing. Apart from that, you can enjoy great luxury restaurants. You won't go without, as all your food and drinks are stored in the powerboat. Afterwards, you can also organize a special event such as a wedding or a birthday. If you want to learn more about finding a yacht for charter, visit the www.prestige-yachts.com/ website.

What permits are required to charter a yacht?

In order to steer a motorboat with an engine power of more than 6 HP, it is mandatory to have a dedicated license. This permit will indicate that the person, who drives the yacht, has the ability to safely manoeuvre the boat and all its crew. In fact, the law in force requires that people who rent a boat must have a boat licence. If you want to have one, it is essential to pass a theoretical exam and a technical test at the responsible centre. You can choose between 3 categories of licence to rent a yacht. There is the coastal licence and the offshore licence for sea trips, and the river licence for trips on inland waters.

What insurance do I need to rent a yacht?

Taking out boat insurance is optional, except in certain cases, such as during sports competitions. As a result, the owner of a boat, whether a jet-ski, motorboat or sailing boat, is not obliged to take out boat insurance. However, there is the pleasure boat rental insurance which generally covers 3 guarantees. These include the repurchase of the excess, the cancellation guarantee and the assistance guarantees. Indeed, this insurance protects the yacht's renter as well as all the passengers listed in the charter contract.
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