The yacht is the favorite pleasure boat of billionaires. It stands out for its luxury, comfort and power. Currently, there are two types of yacht, depending on their size: yachts under 20 m and those over 20 m (mostly reserved for cruising). While the latter have a large storage space, the yacht under 20 m has only a few compartments. Nevertheless, it must contain at least these three items of equipment.

Safety equipment, to guarantee the safety of the passengers

Among the equipment of the yacht of less than 20 meters, are the security armaments. Even though the yacht is designed with state-of-the-art technology, it is never spared from possible accidents. That is why it is important that it is equipped with the best protective elements. In fact, these are mandatory. At the very least, it must contain life jackets equivalent to the number of passengers (and even more), a visual sign to facilitate its location in the event of loss and a de-watering device (in the event of water entering the boat). It must also be equipped with an extinguisher to prevent any fire spreading. Finally, there must always be life-saving devices such as liferafts or buoys, which are essential in the event of shipwreck.

A relaxation area, to ensure passenger comfort

As a luxury boat, the yacht must guarantee real comfort to the passengers. The relaxation area is therefore an essential part of the yacht's equipment, less than 20 metres in length. The layout of this space will depend in particular on the size of the boat. For example, a 6-metre yacht can only hold a few comfortable seats. On the other hand, a boat over 12 metres can have a few cabins, intended for the bedroom and bathroom. Some even have a small space for the living room (to receive guests) and the kitchen.

Survival equipment, for the provisioning of passengers

Apart from the security armaments and the relaxation area, we must also think about the provisioning of passengers during the stay. The yacht must always be supplied with food and drink. The existence of a refrigerator or a freezer is then strongly recommended inside this type of boat. The first-aid box is also another equipment of the yacht of less than 20 meters not to be neglected. Indeed, injuries and illnesses can always occur at sea. It is therefore necessary to prepare in advance.