What is the budget of a yacht charter?

Taking advantage of an increase in demand for cruising, luxury yachts have been gaining momentum for some time. Being a luxury boat, wealthy people rent it for sea trips. Like cars, each boat has its own make and price. So for a rental, you have to take into account several parameters and inquire about the details.

The price of renting a Yacht

A Flybridge Yacht is a luxury vessel, designed for group sea trips. Often with family or friends, the ship can support up to 15 people at most. On the PRESTIGE model, you have to prepare yourself on the rental price for day, evening or both. Usually, the day is fixed between 500 and 20 000 €. The price obviously depends on the type of boat you choose, as well as its capacity. F-line, X-line and S-line are the most powerful and modern boats for exceptional days at sea. To find out more about the F-line luxury range, click here and make your choice.

The fluctuating price of a Yacht Charter

The total rental price includes charter fees, VAT and APA and some variables to be taken into account. These are the make of the vessel, the reputation of the shipyard, the number of large crews, the condition of the vessel and the equipment. These rates are set by the owner and the agent representing the vessel. A few variables also increase the price of renting a yacht, such as the choice of your itinerary, supplies and the amount of fuel to be paid. The duration of your presence on board will also be counted, especially if the service includes an evening or overnight stay. In order to enjoy quieter and less expensive programs, you should take advantage of rental periods with low tourist traffic. Between mid-May and October.

Enjoy a yacht trip at a good price

In order to spend peaceful days, choose your yacht carefully! Especially in terms of consumption. Prefer more modern types instead of luxury yachts. But if you are ready to invest in them, the most economical ones are highly recommended. Thus, you opt for comfort by renting less expensive prestige vessels. In order to reduce your expenses as well, schedule your charter during the low season. The weather offers you the comfort of sailing during the day. You are not afraid of wave storms or bad weather with the luxury yacht. Moreover, renting in this period costs less.
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