How much should we spend on a yacht?

Owning a yacht is the dream of many people. And the services concerning yachts are more and more numerous. Whether it's for purchase, charter or regular borrowing. For each service, a range of services is offered and it is the customer who defines his needs. But it should also be borne in mind that mooring a yacht involves a great deal of logistical organisation. To put it simply, a use of 0 to 150 hours requires financing up to 10% of its purchase value.

The cost of the crew

Depending on the type of package to which the customer has subscribed, a wide variety of services can be provided. The number of crews is defined according to the dimensions of the yacht. However, this is included in the mooring of a yacht. An owner can therefore have a yacht and full-time staff. It should be pointed out that even in winter a yacht requires daily maintenance. This can be replaced by a specialized marine security team if one does not wish to have more expenses. For specific regions such as the Mediterranean, it is possible to have a specialized weekly service in the ports. This can be considered as a temporary crew. Of course, the working conditions of the crew are governed by the MLC or Maritime Labour Convention.

Maintenance and services

Maintenance and service is surely the highest cost of owning a yacht. Unlike a car or a motorcycle, docking a yacht constantly requires issuing maintenance bills. Indeed, even if the yacht was designed to operate in an aquatic environment, it is necessary to specify that prolonged exposure to humidity can have a negative impact on the engine and other elements, especially if the engine does not move. Generally, it is used to enjoy the sun on the open sea and it is not uncommon for yachts to sail to sunny regions all year round. For the more advanced ones, they can even be used as a second home, which only increases maintenance expenses.

Insurance, winterization and other expenses

Like any expensive acquisition, the yacht must have insurance. This protects the owner from any damage or malfunction or worry related to the mooring of a yacht. It should be noted that it is necessary to make the right choice between mooring rental or purchase, as this can influence the expenses related to winter storage. In addition, there may be costs related to the access provider, fuel.
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