A navigation to be enjoyed by renting a yacht with a skipper

How about a nice boat trip with a professional skipper? You can do this during your holidays, there is no shortage of destinations whether you choose the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. A family cruise aboard a yacht is a great activity not to be missed. Many service providers offer yacht charter with a skipper. In order to get the most out of such an escapade, you will need to find out which provider offers the best quality/price charter and to get all the useful information related to your activity.

Why use a skipper?

Chartering a boat or even a yacht is a very favourite activity for both holidaymakers and tourists. It is an interesting and relaxing activity, full of fascinating discoveries. In a way, it is like offering yourself luxury for half a day, a day or a few days if it is a cruise. As with land transport, a boat licence is required for driving at sea. Some boat renters accept rentals even without a licence, but a good experience is required, justified by a nautical CV. Without experience, chartering with a skipper is the best solution. It is also possible that you have a boat licence or a good experience in the field, but you want to sail with peace of mind, you can opt for yacht charter with a skipper.

What are the advantages of skippered yacht charter?

Skippered yacht charter has many advantages. You will have a professional skipper on board who knows every nook and cranny of your itinerary like the back of his hand. He can help you discover all the tourist interests of the area by giving you all the useful information. All you have to do is make the most of the moment and relax, and you'll sail with peace of mind. If this is your first time sailing a yacht, you can take advantage of the skipper's presence to take the helm and learn boat handling techniques. Of course, you will enjoy these new sensations by relying on the experience and knowledge of the skipper.

What do you need to know about your boat trips with the skipper?

A skipper is a navigation professional who manages the manoeuvres and responds to the boat's behaviour. Depending on your needs, he can be as discreet as possible or be part of your crew. He must have his own cabin and has the right to rest in the evening. He must make sure to make your outings special while being responsible for navigation, safety, the boat's system, checking the weather forecast, anchorages and berths. Yacht charter with skipper allows you to enjoy your destination without worrying about navigation.
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